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Nationally Approved Online Parenting Classes

Our nationally approved online parenting classes will get your valid, signed parenting class certificate to you fast and easy! Register today and you can finish your parenting class today! Opt for a "Letter of Completion" and you can have it emailed so you have it in your hand while you wait for your "Parenting Class Certificate".

Satisfy your divorce court requirement and learn valuable lessons to make parenting your children easier! Using the techniques in our parenting classes, you will notice a change in your children the very first day!

With our court approved online parenting classes, you can maintain a relationship with your ex-spouse during the process of your divorce. Using the techniques in our parenting classes, you will learn simple ways to stop the fighting.

Fast certificates for our parenting classes! Register today and you can finish the class today!

Our parenting classes give you the best guarantee.

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Online Co-Parenting Classes

Both our parenting classes are considered co-parenting classes. Designed for divorcing parents, they teach cooperative parenting techniques. See more about Co-Parenting Classes here.

Our basic parenting classes will satisfy most court requirements. You will learn valuable tips to make raising your children easier and lessons in dealing with your ex during the divorce. Past students of our parenting classes have shared that the lessons they learned have helped them at work and in other relationships in their day to day life. (see the testimonials)

The advanced parenting classes include exactly the same material as the basic parenting class but adds some extra parenting lessons designed to help in a high conflict divorce. It also includes a detailed sample parenting plan.

The point of co-parenting classes and divorce parenting classes is to deal with the conflicts without involving the kids.

Some parenting classes for divorcing parents and co-parenting classes intentionally focus on only the parents. Our co-parenting classes add valuable tips that will help you change the relationship you have with your kids and teach you how to make little changes that make a big difference in your relationship.

The co-parenting classes teach you to have a polite relationship with your ex. Co-parenting classes teach simple ways to deal with an ex who wants conflict. You can learn to nip the conflict in the bud rather than allow it to escalate.

Our parenting classes teach parents to put the kids first, rather than between them.

Parenting Classes - Certificate of Completion

Need a Certificate of Completion for your divorce parenting class? Everything is online so you will have your Parenting Class Certificate of Completion fast. You will receive a valid, signed certificate with a seal in the mail. Opt to have a Parenting Class Letter of Completion emailed to you so you have it in your hand while you wait for your Certificate to arrive.    

Click here to see a sample of our Parenting Class Certificate of Completion.



 Getting Started With Parenting Classes For Divorce          

1. Register for one of our Parenting Classes.
2. You will have instant access to the parenting class materials.
3. Complete the lessons at your own convenience.
5. Take the final test. We will review your work and issue a parenting class certificate of completion.
6. If you do not pass you can retake the test. 

Divorce Parenting Class Your Parenting Class Certificate will be accepted by the court or we will refund your money!
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