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Online Parenting Class

online parenting classes

Our online parenting classes will get your valid, signed parenting class certificate to you fast and easy! Register today and you can finish today!

  • Opt for a "Letter of Completion" and you can have it emailed quickly.
  • Satisfy your divorce court requirement!
  • With our fast and easy classes, you can maintain a relationship with your ex-spouse during the process of your divorce.
  • Our classes offer the best guarantee.



Parenting Classes - Certificate of Completion Guaranteed!

Need a Certificate of Completion for your divorce parenting class? Everything is online so you will have your Parenting Class Certificate of Completion fast. 

You will receive a valid, signed certificate with a seal in the mail. Opt to have a Parenting Class Letter of Completion emailed to you so you have it in your hand while you wait for your Certificate to arrive. 

We are so confident that your court will accept our parenting class certificate that we offer a full refund if your court does not accept it!  

Click here to see a sample of our Parenting Class Certificate of Completion.

Click here to learn more about your state's requirements.

Our parenting classes are fast! Registration takes just a few minutes and you can start your class immediately.

Our parenting classes are completely online with nothing to download. You read each parenting lesson and complete a short quiz. Take a final (multiple choice) test and you are finished!

Our parenting classes are easy! What could be easier than taking your parenting class in the comfort of your own home? Each lesson is written in easy to understand, plain English. The lesson quizzes review what you have learned in each lesson. If you need help with a lesson, simply let us know. We have certified parenting class instructors available from 6am - 10pm. Your question will be answered quickly.

Our parenting class certificates are widely accepted.


I was surprised to learn how much this information would help my kids and myself personally. Thank you for this lesson-it is much appreciated. I learned the developmental stages of children and their perceptions of life as they know it. I learned to encourage success in my children by acknowledging good behavior and pointing out successes instead of failures. I learned that children need to know they are loved by both parents regardless of the relationship between the parents themselves. I have already implemented these lessons and they have had a positive effect on the lives of my kids.
PB - Tennessee

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