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North Carolina Parenting Classes

Focus On Kids Parenting Classes will teach you important techniques to make your North Carolina divorce easier on you and on your children. You will learn how children feel about divorce, and find ways to make your divorce less painful for your children. You will learn how to teach your children to accept the divorce without feeling they had a part in the divorce. You will learn how to raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted children who are ready to live life to the fullest and turn obstacles into opportunities.

You can find more information about North Carolina divorce by visiting North Carolina Family Court  website.

Many states require divorcing parents with children to attend parenting or  co-parenting classes. Focus on Kids Parenting Classes will fulfill this requirement. Our parenting classes are court approved nationally.

We have taken the worry over court approval out of the equation and made it easy for you with our guarantee. It's simple:

We guarantee that our class will be accepted. If for any reason this parenting class is not accepted for a court or legal requirement we will refund your money in full.

Advantages to Taking Online Parenting Classes For Divorce

There are many advantages to taking an online parenting class:

  • Convenient: With our online parenting classes you can study any time and anywhere. Log in to the class materials from anywhere that has an Internet connection.
  • Private: Only you and the Court staff working on your file will know that you have signed up for the parenting class.
  • Self Paced: Online parenting classes let you learn at your own rate.
  • Fast: You can register today and complete your class today!



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Your Parenting Class Certificate will be accepted by the court or we will refund your money!
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