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Florida Parenting Classes

During a divorce with children involved, participation in a parenting education program is required under Florida Law. If you decide to register for an online class, you should get prior permission from the court.

Please read more at the Florida State Courts Website.

Parenting Class Certificate of Completion

Need a Certificate of Completion for your parenting class? Everything is online so you will have your Parenting Class Certificate of Completion fast.

Please note: You should ask the court if they will accept a certificate of completion from online parenting classes, but remember, if our parenting classes are not accepted by your court, we will give you a 100% refund.  

  Click here to see a sample of our Parenting Classes Certificate of Completion.



 Get Started With Focus On Kids Parenting Classes            

1. Register for your Parenting Class.
2. You will have instant access to the materials.
3. Complete the lessons at your own convenience. Each lesson is followed by a short quiz.
5. Take the final test. We will review your work and issue a parenting class certificate of completion.
6. If you do not pass you can retake the test. 




Your Parenting Class Certificate will be accepted by the court or we will refund your money!
Register For Your Parenting Class now!

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