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California Parenting Classes

We have parenting class students in many counties and cities in the state of California including San Francisco, Long Beach and Los Angeles.

Each state has its own divorce laws. You can find California Family Code here:

Both our parenting classes are considered co-parenting classes. Designed for divorcing parents, they teach cooperative parenting techniques. See more about Co-Parenting Classes here.

Our basic parenting classes will satisfy most court requirements. You will learn valuable tips to make raising your children easier and lessons in dealing with your ex during the divorce. Past students of our parenting classes have shared that the lessons they learned have helped them at work and in other relationships in their day to day life.

The advanced parenting classes include exactly the same material as the basic parenting class but adds some extra parenting lessons designed to help in a high conflict divorce. It also includes a detailed sample parenting plan.

The point of co-parenting classes and divorce parenting classes is to deal with the conflicts without involving the kids.


Parenting Class Certificate of Completion

Need a Certificate of Completion for your parenting class? With our parenting classes you will have your Parenting Class Certificate of Completion fast.



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